Sunday, January 26, 2014

A change in ideas

Sooo... Apparently warpholes are hard to do in UDK in extreme cases (such as using them as start and finish) and I've decided to scrap that idea. HOWEVER. I'm still using most of the mechanics from my old idea (such as the 'ring of fire' stunt and maybe some meteors), and just changing form...

The space station-track thing is now being sucked into a Quasar. A GIANT SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE. Your car has to run around the track 3 times in order to absorb the energy being shot out of the Quasar in order to escape and teleport back to your character's homeland.

I've also decided to add a new flavour to my track:

I'm thinking of using Phantom's color scheme:

This is the updated concept:

Heres the Beat Sheet for the progress through my level!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Racing Game!

My class project this semester includes the creation of a level in a racing game based off of a theme that the class voted on. The theme was "Space Station!" and we were allowed to run a little wild with the idea.

Imagine this...

You are trapped on a space station just off of a planet on the verge of death. Your only hope to live is to drive through the wormholes, absorbing their energy into your car so that you may transport yourself to your character's home base. But be warned! There is only enough energy for one to survive. Will you be the one to survive? Or will you be left in stardust?

For the atmosphere, I was thinking along the lines of something like this...

(image referenced from google search!)

with a giant planet like this hanging over the player's head as he drives out of the space station...

(image also referenced from google search!)

As for the layout of the level itself.. it'll go something like this:

I'm hoping to have the feel of a tron-like futuristic space station. I want the pathway to reflect something like this:

Now we're required to have a major stunt for the cars to go through. My idea would be something like jumping the grand canyon:

EXCEPT IMAGINE THAT THE CANYON WAS CAUSED BY A GIANT METEOR FROM THE PLANET FALLING APART. At lap 3 or so, I intend for a meteor to break apart the track, causing a jump for the player's cars.

Other things that I want to include are a "ring of fire" inspired jump. But instead of fire... it would be debris! Or... FLAMING DEBRIS.

At another portion of the map, there will be a trigger the player can hit to open a shortcut that goes underneath the track. This will allow them to avoid another danger of the track: Falling meteors that damage the player's car.

Will you be left in the stardust?

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Character Design

Here are a few characters I've made in the past couple of months. Some are based off of simple designs and aspects I developed when I was a child, and some are based off just a few random words!