Thursday, September 18, 2014

Toy Ideas

In game design we are going to make a "toy" of sorts with UE4's blueprint system. Here are a few ideas!

1. Gravity Boots
2. Hoverpad
3. Magic light spell
4. Turret-statue (like league's towers)
5. Jetpack
6. Throwable bombs
7. Size-increasing Cookie (increases the player's size)
8. Whack-a-mole-contraption
9. Grappling Hook
10. Force Gun (pushes players back)


I'm thinking about going with the gravity boots idea. I could turn it into a 2D sidescroller game mode and adjust the model's jump velocity and speeds. I could also hook up a cool looking particle effect to the bottom of the player's feet when they jump. A cool level objective would be a slowly rising lava (could be represented by a kill Z volume) and the player must climb towards the top in order to live.

Either that or I could make a pretty nifty skate park out of the boots, where the player could somehow choose between a board or boots, each with different modes of play.

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